MICR Tools


MICR Tools is a Java library comprising of several classes related to MICR parsing, validation, and repair. Because of the Check21 legislation passed in October 2004, banks and other financial institutions are required to implement facilities for capturing and exchanging check images and the MICR data on those images.

Even though the MICR data has a standard format (see ANSI X9.13), banks are generally allowed to format the individual fields within a MICR line any way they would like. This creates a headache for IT staff within a financial institution.

In addition, hardware MICR readers are prone to error and misreads - adding OCR (optical character recognition) to the mix allows for misread characters on a MICR line to be repaired by replacing those misread characters with the characters read by OCR. This library includes the repair functionality in addition to a facility for "plugging in" your OCR reader of choice.



  • Java 1.4 or higher
  • JUnit (if you want to run Unit Tests)
  • Maven 2.x or Ant 1.6 (if you want to build source)