MICR Tools Spring Integration


The MICR Tools facilities can be easily configured within Spring's XML configuration file. In fact, MICR Tools was designed from the ground-up to be IoC "aware", with dependencies easily injected and coded to the interface.

MICR Parser Spring Configuration

The following snippet of XML shows an example of Spring bean configuration for the MICR Parser facility:


  <bean id="auxOnUsVal" class="com.minderupt.micrtools.validator.AuxOnUsFieldValidator" />
  <bean id="micrParser" class="com.minderupt.micrtools.parser.MICRParserImpl">
    <property name="transitSymbol" value="d" />
    <property name="onUsSymbol" value="c" />
    <property name="amountSymbol" value="b" />
    <property name="dashSymbol" value="-" />
    <property name="auxOnUsFieldValidator">
      <ref bean="auxOnUsVal" />
  <bean id="serviceObject" class="test.ServiceObject">
    <property name="micrParser">
      <ref bean="micrParser" />

The ServiceObject code would look like this, with the MICRParser injected using Spring:

package test;

import com.minderupt.micrtools.MICRParser;
import com.minderupt.micrtools.data.MICR;

public class ServiceObject {

  private MICRParser parser;
  /* IoC methods */
  public void setMicrParser(MICRParser parser) {
    this.parser = parser;
  public MICRParser getMicrParser() {

  public void someMethod() {
    String micr = "c1234567c d026010757d 987654c";
    MICR parsedMicr = null;
    try {
      parsedMicr = getMicrParser().parseMICR(micr);
    } catch(Exception e) {
      // handle error

MICR Repair Spring Configuration

TBD Spring Config